Light-up of Kiyomizu temple! The season of autumn leaves is fantastic.

Kiyomizu temple light-up is held every year, spring, summer and fall, three times.

The temple (one of those to configure the whole temple building) with the light-up is surfaced in three dimensions, and the vicinity is wrapped in a peculiar solemn atmosphere.

This time, you will be able to view a so fantastic scenery that you feel it looks like you entered into a different world. I now will introduce the landscape of beautiful Kiyomizu temple to you!

Photos of Kiyomizu temple with light-up.

Autumn of colored leaves wrapped in the fantastic atmosphere.

Kiyomizu temple is also famous for the autumn leaves of attractions.

Scarlet leaves become more beautiful and crimson by light-up, which look like it is burning really.

Most famous scenery is the main hall of Kiyomizu temple.

kiyomizu temple light up 2

The stage of Shimizu, using huge pillar of up to 12 meters, and no nail is used.

There is a word in Japan: “Going to jump off the stage of Kiyomizu…”.

When you are making a big decision resolutely, like to decide an expensive shopping, etc., this word is used.
The meaning is like that you have the resolution to jump off from the high stage of Shimizu.

kiyomizu temple light up 3

Light toward the night sky illuminated from Kiyomizu temple, has been considered to represent the heart of mercy of Kannons.

Buddha and bodhisattva (BO SATSU) show compassion on people and remove the suffering from people.


It is really fantastic to view the landscape of the three-storied pagoda and pond with light-up.

kiyomizu temple light up three-storied pagoda

As also a symbol of Kyoto Higashiyama, the three-storied pagoda was built in the year 847 A.D. of the Heian period early stage, with a very luxurious make.

The current building is something that has been rebuilt in 1632 A.D.

The state reflected on a pond is too beautiful.

kiyomizu temple light up pond

Even an ordinary road is also so nice.

kiyomizu temple light up road

It is a long staircase.

kiyomizu temple light up stairs

Taki of Otowa is flowing quietly, too.

kiyomizu temple light up otowanotaki

The clear water which became the historical origin of Kiyomizu temple is gushing out from Taki of Otowa.

This is a view of Kyoto city seen from Kiyomizu temple.

Kyoto tower is seen in the middle of the photo, isn’t it?

kiyomizu temple light up town

Deva gate (the left), west gate (the right) and the three-storied pagoda (the right inside) located at the Kiyomizu temple’s entrance.

kiyomizu temple light up niou gate

The Niomon gate (Deva gate) is the front gate of Kiyomizu temple.

It had been burned away once in Ōnin war (war of the respondent benevolence) which started from 1467, but was reconstructed at the end of the 15th century.

This is the view of Kyoto city from the west gate.

The west gate is estimated to have been made in the late Heian period, the current building is something that has been rebuilt in 1631.

kiyomizu temple light up west gate

When illuminated, just ordinary trees will also show a special view.


This is Okunoin (Inner sanctuary).

kiyomizu temple light up okunoin

Okunoin (Inner sanctuary) is built on Taki Otowa, thousands of Kannon and Bishamonten (God of treasure), Fujin (God of the wind), Raijin (God of the thunder) and other Buddha statue is worshiped here.

The present building was reconstructed in 1633.

How about to have a walk at so nice night?

kiyomizu temple light up stairs 2

What is the light-up schedule of Kiyomizu temple?

kiyomizu temple light up 4

The light-up schedule of Kiyomizu temple is as follows.

  • The scenery of cherry blossoms at night shows a beautiful spring.
    Cherry blossom season: late March-early April.
    Light-up timing: 3 / 28-4 / 12 (2015 schedule).

    With the fantastic scenery that people might want to view at least one time, you will definitely think that it is really worthwhile for this journey.

  • hot summer.
    Light-up timing: 8/14~8/16 (2015 schedule).

    Collaboration of the blue night sky and the green of the trees is the best one, and light-up in summer is also fantastic.

  • Autumn of colored leaves.
    Time for the colored leaves: from mid-November to early December.
    Light-up timing: 11/14~12/6 (2015 schedule).

    As introduced above, it is outstanding.


Postscript by the editor.

It was the introduction of the light-up of Kiyomizu temple in the time of colored leaves, autumn season.

Daytime is also good, but you can taste a very solemn atmosphere when the night was lit-up.

It’s a really great view, it was so good to having intrduced it to you.


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